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The Big Move & a new published editorial

It is finally happening. After 3 amazing years in London, we are moving back to Sydney and I cannot wait. I have had such a fantastic time here and I have been very fortunate to collaborate with some amazing creatives. I feel like I have really developed my own style of makeup during my time here and i'm excited at what the future will bring for me in this industry back in my hometown. Obviously communication on here and on social media will be sporadic over the holiday season while the move takes place so bare with me.

So Merry Christmas and here's to an amazing New Year! I'll leave you with my latest published work which is featured in this month's issue of C-Femme magazine ... and also on it's cover which is really exciting!


Photography: Grey Pistachio

Makeup: me

Hair: Rachel Williamson

Styling: Roberta Bitto

Models: Ambre and Amy from Body London

Menswear Inspired Shoot

Last week we shot Samantha Loxley from D1 Models and I was just so unbelievably pleased when I saw the results. Samantha was a dream to work with and I think her relaxed manor and lovely laid back approach comes across well in the final images.


Photography was by Daniel James Towle. I can't speak highly enough of him. His work is beyond beautiful!


Hair was by Tim Furssedonn. Tim is so inspiring to work with that he is spoiling it for all other hair stylists out there - he sets the bar so high!


Styling was by Daniel David. This was our first time working with Dan and we swiftly booked him in for future shoots so his name will be appearing on my blog again soon. Definitely one to watch!


Latest Work

Why hello there. Hasn't it been a long time. I haven't updated my blog since last year and i'm very sorry for that. I won't bore you with the details but let's just say I am the proud new owner of a brand-spanking new laptop so now there shall be no more excuses!

I wanted to share some of my latest work. I did a really lovely test shoot about 2 weeks ago with the fabulously talented Daniel James Towle (you can see more of his work here), and the hair maestro Tim Furssedonn.


We shot in Hyde Park and were lucky enough to have one of the sunniest days I've seen so far in 2015. 


The shoot was styled by Lindsay Hillenbrand and the models are Jaffy and Leela from Body London.


The look of the day was pretty natural with a tiny hint of colour in the form of an aubergine coloured flick on the eyes. I absolutely loved working with these guys and am looking forward to future shoots which are in the pipeline. 

New Work - fashion + beauty shoot

I did a really interesting shoot with Antonio Milevcic, fashion photographer, and Elissa from M+P Agency last week. The shoot took place in Bromley which took me right out of my comfort zone and forced me to drive off into the unknown. Aside from a few technical i-phone issues, I made it in one piece. It is a lovely part of the world.


I kept things very natural for the first look. Elissa's skin is amazing so she didn't need much coverage. The eye makeup was kept to a minimum and I just enhanced her natural features.


I went darker on the eyes for the second look and added some texture to her hair. 


And for the final look I put the hair back in several messy braids and went super-smokey on the eyes while pairing the lips right back to almost the colour of her skin tone.


Photography: Antonio Milevcic

Hair and Makeup: Pascale Maestri

Model: Elissa from M+P Agency

Photoshopped Pascale

I worked on a shoot a little while back where the photographer very kindly insisted on taking some photographs of me. Now I don't enjoy this process and really only obliged as he seemed quite intent on it. Re-touching images is quite commonplace in the world of beauty and makeup, however retouching for my portfolio is always kept to a minimum so my work is kept as natural as possible.

A few weeks after the shoot the photographer sent me across the re-touched images, and when I saw the photograph of myself I was a little shocked. I look about 25! My skin is perfect. My moles have been removed! My eye colour is slightly different! It is quite strange to see yourself this way and I thought I would share the photograph with you for a giggle.

Pascale, new and improved!

Pascale, new and improved!

Perhaps this could have been the real me if I had stuck to a strict organic, maro-biotic, fregan, fruitarian diet for the past 10 years? Who dares me to make this my profile photograph and just be all casual like 'Oh yeah, this was taken last week on a shoot' ???

Natural Makeup Look

Here are some images of a shoot with my friend Rachel that I did a little while ago but am yet to find the right place to show them. We did a really natural makeup look. Rachel was a fantastic model ... I miss not having friends here in London I can call on for favours like this!


After many months of getting everything set up, I am now finally available for private client makeups either at my home here in Clapham, or in your home. If you have an event on and would like me to do your makeup please contact me using my contact page!