Barely-there Bases

The older I get, the more ridiculous a full face of slap looks on me. Less is definitely more these days and luckily there seems to be a whole raft of products out there to help me cheat a good skin day. I have an obsession with bases (amongst my many other obsessions) - foundations, BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturisers, tinted serums .... basically if there is a new product released that fits one of these categories I find it pretty hard not to invest and give it a go. 


Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

I picked up this ingenious product in New York earlier this year, and I must say, I struggled with the application at first. It has taken a fair bit of experimentation to get the quantity and consistency right. This is marketed as a product of pure pigment which you can add to your existing skincare. You only need to apply the teeniest, tiniest amount (1-2 drops maximum) otherwise you have way too much product to try and rub in. I find for my skin, it works best if I apply a face oil first and then pat this in using my fingers. I also picked up the Cover FX Mattifying Primer and it does go on nicely over this as well. I really love the packaging and the full range of 24 shades would be a fabulous investment for my pro-kit. I use shade P40. Available at Sephora in Australia!

RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up

This is a fabulous little pot of goodness which is a concealer, but can also be using as a very sheer foundation. It has a coconut oil base so it just melts into the skin. I am shade 22 and I apply it with my fingers. Definitely a great option for an Australian summer. Available at Mecca Cosmetica.

RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover Up shown here with RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover Up shown here with RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum

This range is marketed as 'No Makeup Skincare' which is perfect for someone like me who suffers from hormonal break-outs and likes a bit of coverage even if i'm only heading to the gym. I have oily/combination skin so I apply this straight onto a clean face. It is a two-in-one product so I don't need a moisturiser underneath. It has a fairly watery consistency but it is very easy to blend with your fingers when you dot the product around your face first, just shake well prior to application. It is a one-shade-fits-most system and as the product is so sheer, it would work for most caucasian skins. Available at Mecca Cosmetica.


Chanel's Ace of Base

While in Paris earlier this month I visited the Chanel counter in Galeries Lafayette. I had read lots of positive reviews on their new foundation, Perfection Lumière Velvet, and loved the sound of its smoothing effects. I have combination skin which gets shiny in the t-zone during the day so I thought that given this foundation has a matte finish it would be perfect for me.

The sales assistant had other ideas and despite my enquires, she just kept pointing me in the direction of the Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. I couldn't be bothered arguing, so I just went with it and walked away happily swishing my Chanel bag. 


I also picked up Le Blanc de Chanel which is their sheer illuminating base, because ... well why not! I do like to purchase the matching base to a foundation as you know the formulas will work well together. The texture of this is really lovely. It is quite nourishing and thicker than I first thought as you massage it onto your skin, and it smells as good as you would expect any Chanel product to smell. The illumination is subtle which is good for someone in my 30+ age bracket, enough to give you a healthy glow but not so much to make you look glittery or shimmery. 


The foundation is extremely sheer which, to be honest I first thought wouldn't give me nearly enough coverage. I was wrong! When used in combination with the base, it glides on and covers everything that needs covering whilst still maintaining natural looking skin. I did build up a second layer on my problem areas but really, I was surprised that it covered so well for such a seemingly sheer liquid! The bottle is light and perfectly sized for travel which is an added bonus.

Vitalumiere Aqua - I take shade 30 beige

Vitalumiere Aqua - I take shade 30 beige

As I said on Instagram, I am late coming to the party but at least now i'm here! I am still seeing amazing reviews on the Perfection Lumière Velvet, I just need to find a sales assistant who will actually let me buy it!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua costs £32.00 here and Le Blanc de Chanel costs £31.00 here.