The Best Online Beauty Stores

It is no secret that cosmetic prices in Australia are pretty hideous compared to the rest of the world. This has become very apparent to me since moving to London, and i'm reminded every time I write a post and link in the different product prices. I have, however, also come across some good online stores and the best part is that many of them ship internationally. So my lovely Australian friends, this one's for you!

Add to cart ....

Add to cart ....


This site stocks some really great brands - Urban Decay, Stila, Bella Pierre ... the list is extremely extensive. The prices are in line with what you pay for products in the UK and the best part is that they ship internationally for FREE! If you are based in the UK they deliver the next day. Perfect. 


The beauty branch of this mega-site offers some great gems such as Paul and Joe Beauty and Illamasqua. They currently have the final clearance of their sale on and they too ship internationally for FREE. If you sign up for ASOS Premier and you are based in the UK, they too promise next day delivery.


One of my favourite sites ever, Netaporter launched a beauty department earlier this year and stocks the very best of luxury cosmetics and skin care including Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr and Chantecaille. While international shipping is not free, you can be assured that your parcel will arrive wrapped to perfection in speedy time. 


In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that being based in the UK now, I have not purchased from Adore Beauty but if you are in Australia - this is the site to go to. They have a great list of brands including Bioderma (hello cult cleansing water), another French pharmacy favourite Nuxe and Becca to name just a few. They also stock Laura Mercier and the products are similar in price to what you pay here in the UK. They ship for FREE within Australia which is fairly uncommon. If you have bought from this store and have any feedback I would love to hear it in the comments below! 

HQ Hair

This is another UK based store offering FREE international shipping. They have far more than just hair care products, makeup brands include Nars, Pixi and Urban Decay. In the hair department they stock Kérastase amongst tons of other brands. How does £13.20 sound for Kérastase shampoo (roughly converted in AUD you are looking around $25)? Not bad hey .... 

Feel Unique

I haven't actually bought anything from this site (yet) however it has been touted in many other beauty blogs as being one of the cheapest. They have a premium beauty department offering products from Dior and Lancôme (with many more). International shipping is FREE once again. They currently are on sale. Run. 

I feel like this post could go on forever as there as just so many great sites out there. If you know of a good one that I haven't mentioned, share the love in the comments box below.